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The Worthy Of A Bigger Audience 2012 Awards (Part 1)

My favourite album, book, iPod app, party and TV show featured on Worthy Of A Bigger Audience during 2012.

Worthy Of A Bigger Audience is only a small blog I run in my spare time as a hobby but I’ve enjoyed sharing my opinions on some of the music, movies, TV shows, etc, which I love and think deserve to be appreciated by a bigger audience.  So as 2012 is now at a close, just for a bit of self-indulgent fun I thought this would be a good excuse to revisit the reviews featured over the last few months and pick my favourite choice from each category.

So without further ado here are my favourite albums, movies, TV shows, etc, featured on Worthy Of A Bigger Audience during 21012…

The Big Roar by The Joy Formidable

Wonder by Lisa Mitchell
Singing From The Grave by Anna Von Hausswolff
Proof Of Youth by The Go! Team
The Big Roar by The Joy Formidable
Pomme Fritz by The Orb
The Wild Hunt by The Tallest Man On Earth
High Violet by The National

This was by far and away the most difficult category to decide and not just because I’ve reviewed more albums than anything else on Worthy Of A Bigger Audience.  I absolutely love all of the albums reviewed in the list above so if I was to compile my top fifty favourite albums of all-time then pretty much all of those listed above would be strong contenders for conclusion.  In the end though, I had to pick a favourite and I decided to go for The Big Roar by The Joy Formidable simply because it just keeps getting better and better with every listen.

Winner: The Big Roar by The Joy Formidable

A Bus Could Run You Over
by Colin Butts

A Bus Could Run You Over by Colin Butts
The Half-Life Of Stars by Louise Wener
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams
Blockbuster by Tom Shone
Skipping Christmas by John Grisham

As an author myself I should perhaps have featured more book reviews on Worthy Of A Bigger Audience but there were nevertheless still a few books to choose from in this category.  Once again the above books were all books which I thoroughly enjoyed but in the end I decided to go for A Bus Could Run You Over by Colin Butts for the overall positive lasting impression that the closing section left on me.

Winner: A Bus Could Run You Over by Colin Butts

Babbel Swedish for iPod and iPhone.
iPod Apps:

Tiny Tower
Babbel Swedish
Amazing Breaker
Super Stickman Golf

Although Tiny Tower, Amazing Breaker and Super Stickman Golf are all fun games to play, Babbel Swedish was the clear winner in this category due to the exceptional job it does of helping you expand your Swedish vocabulary, not to mention the vast amount of content it features.  And when you consider that Babbel Swedish is free, it makes this is an absolutely must have app for anyone who is currently learning Swedish.

Winner: Babbel Swedish by Babbel

The inspiration/excuse
behind the Full Moon Party.

The Full Moon Party

As the only party in this category the Full Moon Party won this category by default but even if it had been up against tough opposition, the Full Mon Party would have to be a favourite on anyone’s list, and should definitely make up an essential inclusion on the itinerary of anyone planning to take a few months off to backpack around the world.

Winner: The Full Moon Party

Breaking Bad.  An exceptional TV show.

Parks And Recreation
Alan Partridge: Welcome To The Places Of My Life
Breaking Bad
Derren Brown – Svengali
Fool Britannia

This was a category with a lot of favourites of mine and as you can see from the above list, a significant part of my TV viewing time is spent watching comedy shows.  However, for my winner I decided to go for one of the inclusions which, although it features the occasional humorous moment, is far from being an out and out comedy show.  The TV show in question is Breaking Bad which is an exceptional TV show in every way with excellent acting and brilliant plots and scripts, and if anyone hasn’t seen it yet then I would strongly recommend checking it out to see what all the fuss is about.

Winner: Breaking Bad

That’s it for part one of the Worthy Of A Bigger Audience Awards of 2012.  I’ll list the rest of my favourites next week when I’ll be reviewing the movie, website, travel, radio and graphic novel categories.

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