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Comics: The Li'l Depressed Boy

The Li'l Depressed Boy: A Uniquely Appealing Comic

The Li'l Depressed Boy: "A comic with a lot of charm."
When I first discovered The Li’l Depressed Boy, I was immediately curious about the title, but at the same time it was a title which also almost put me off reading it.  I wondered if maybe this was a downbeat depressing comic where the main character just mopes about feeling sorry for himself.  Thankfully, I was wrong and The Li'l Depressed Boy is just a regular dude who likes doing regular things, trying to deal with regular life.

It’s hard to really describe why I enjoyed the opening issue so much, as all that happens is that the Li’l Depressed Boy meets a girl and does ordinary stuff like going to gigs (and playing laser quest!).  Whatever the reason though, the opening issue left me feeling excited at having discovered a cool new comic, but also confused as to why exactly I had enjoyed this comic so much.

Maybe part of the appeal is the fact that writer S. Steven Struble has created story-lines about everyday real-life, rather than fantastical adventures, and therefore many readers will find it easy to relate to.  And without doubt another of the reasons why I instantly made a connection with this comic is the cool stylised way in which The Li’l Depressed Boy is depicted.

You can’t help but be drawn to such a distinctive character and for such a simple appearance the artist, Sina Grace, manages to cram a massive amount of  emotion into The Li’l Depressed Boy’s expressions.  When LDB smiles, the artwork conveys the message of how he's feeling more powerfully than a page of writing could.

Design By Humans

That's not to say that life always runs smoothly for The Li'l Depressed Boy (it doesn't), but even when things don't turn out too well for LDB, the story is told in such a way that there's something very comforting about the everyday nature of the storylines.  You can't help but share LDB's happiness and feel his heartache, and the end product of this is a uniquely appealing comic.

Even those of us who are lucky enough to have excellent lives still have moments where things don’t work out quite the way we were hoping, so I would guess that The Li'l Depressed Boy will strike a chord with many readers, as pretty much everyone will identify with parts of this comic book to some degree.

Overall, The Li’l Depressed Boy is a comic with a lot of charm and an excellent advert for the versatility of the comic book medium.

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