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iPod App: Glass Tower 2

Glass Tower 2: A simple but fun and well presented iPhone game.

Glass Tower 2 features a wide range of bonuses,
but watch out for the blocks rain!
The object of Glass Tower 2 is simple.  You begin each level with a tower of red and blue glass blocks and have to destroy the blue blocks but save the red blocks.  Tapping on a block causes it to shatter and disappear and thus the challenge of the game is to eliminate the blue blocks in such a way that the red blocks aren’t lost over the sides of the supporting platform.  Once all blue blocks are removed the level is complete and bonus points are awarded for each red block saved.

You start the game with a generous quantity of ten lives and lose a life for each red block which is lost over the edges.  During the early more straight forward levels this initial healthy helping of lives seems rather generous but on later levels if things don’t go exactly to plan you can end up with several red blocks falling off the sides and therefore your allowance of ten lives comes in handy.

Glass Tower 2 also features a variety of bonuses which gives the game extra depth and adds to the gameplay.  The bonuses are triggered when certain random blocks are destroyed causing bonus symbols to appear and the bonus can then be put into action by quickly tapping on the symbol before it disappears off the top of the screen.

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A wide variety of bonuses have been included, namely gravity bonus, extra lives, Score X2, magnet bonus, random bonus, color mix, blocks rain and frozen blocks, which is one of my favourites.  As the name suggests, tapping this bonus freezes all the blocks where they are on the screen, allowing you the chance to quickly clear the level of blue blocks before the timer runs out.  The frozen blocks bonus can therefore be one of the most useful, but other bonuses such as magnet bonus and gravity can also come in handy depending on the circumstances.

Not all of the bonuses are helpful, though.  For example ‘blocks rain’ causes green blocks to fall from the sky and this rain of blocks can knock your red blocks over the edges.  Other bonuses such as color mix can prove useful at times but not at others, so in the heat of the action you have to focus on making the correct snap decision as to whether to tap on a bonus during the brief time it appears on the screen.

A cool feature on Glass Tower 2 is the ability to personalise the visual
appearance of the game by selecting from an inventory of backgrounds.
Some levels also include green blocks as part of the starting tower.  Tapping a green block causes it to switch to either blue or red, which gives the game a random element and means that the same strategy can’t always be used to clear a specific level.  On later levels it’s also wise to take a few seconds at the start of each level to think through your strategy before starting the action.

The first level pack of Glass Tower 2 is free of charge and contains 15 levels which allow you to sample the flavour of the game and provide an enjoyable challenge.  There are also three additional level packs which you can buy, each containing a further 75 levels, and there’s also the option to purchase a level editor which allows you to design your own levels, so there’s a lot of gameplay potentially available.

All in all Glass Tower 2 isn’t a big budget production, but it’s a fun and well presented game, and as the first 15 levels are free it’s well worth checking out.

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