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The Worthy Of A Bigger Audience 2012 Awards (Part 2)

My favourite movie, website, travel destination, radio show and graphic novel featured on Worthy Of A Bigger Audience during 2012.

Last week for a bit of self-indulgent fun I listed my favourite album, book, iPod app, party and TV show featured on Worthy Of A Bigger Audience during 2012.  This week I round things off by covering the movie, website, travel, radio and graphic novel categories.

Submarine: A charming coming of age story.


The movie category was quite a difficult category to decide because although all of the above movies are great movies which I would recommend checking out, with the exception of Changeling they’re not really mainstream movies with a broad universal appeal to a wide audience.  They’re movies which I would guess will have an enthusiastic and appreciative group of fans, rather than massive box office movies which spent weeks at the top of the charts.  Ultimately though, I decided to go for Submarine as of all the movies it’s probably the one which may appeal to the widest audience and it was such a nice movie.

Winner: Submarine a great idea.

The websites on this list cover a fairly broad range of topics and themes and they’re all websites which do what they do very well.  For my favourite though, I decided to go for the excellent website which is a great way to raise rice for communities in need around the world.


Lions playing in the Ngorongoro Crater.
(Photo copyright of Michael Burm).

Bako National Park
Koh Phi Phi
The Ngorongoro Crater

Travelling is one of the coolest things in the world so I would strongly recommend all of the destinations featured on Worthy Of A Bigger Audience.  It was hard to pick a favourite because the three destinations are all brilliant places to visit for different reasons.   If I had to pick a favourite though, then the Ngorongoro Crater would just about tip the scales as the most memorable and amazing of the travel destinations in this category.

Winner: The Ngorongoro Crater

Too School For Cool DJ Steve Watson...
The King of the 80s!

Too School For Cool

Once again this is another category with only one review so Too School For Cool wins by default.  As I mentioned in my original review though, Too School For Cool does an excellent job of capturing the 80s vibe so anyone who is a fan of music from that decade should definitely check it out.

Winner: Too School For Cool

I Kill Giants:
Highly recommended.
Graphic Novels:

Groo And Rufferto
I Kill Giants
It’s A Bird
Pride Of Baghdad
The Clockwork Girl

There were a lot of cool graphic novels on this list but despite some strong competition, I Kill Giants just edged it as my winner.  The clinching factor was the powerful lasting impression it left on me and also because it provides the perfect example of how graphic novels perhaps don’t always get the credit they deserve for the excellent form of story-telling which they can be.

Winner: I Kill Giants

That’s almost it for my round-up of 2012.  However, during the year I occasionally featured music related posts such as Six Cover Versions Worth Checking Out, Six Remixes Worth Checking Out and Six B Sides Worth Checking Out, so to round things off I’ll be listing my favourite cover version, remix and B side in my next post.

You can find part one of the Worthy Of A Bigger Audience 2012 Awards at the following link:
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