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A social network with an image based theme.

Organise your Pinterest boards by themes of interest such as Pugs.
For the benefit of anyone who hasn’t discovered Pinterest yet, to sum it up in one paragraph, Pinterest is basically an online photo pinboard which allows you to ‘pin’ cool or interesting images you come across as you surf the net onto themed boards.  Other users can then follow your boards and the images you pin will show up in their photo streams.

For example my Pinterest boards include themes such as Cartoons, Wisdom, Star Wars, Books By Indie Authors, iPhone / iPod Wallpapers and the Charles Fudgemuffin Blog (the blog I run to promote my comedy novel 'How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy') to name but a few.  Other Pinterest users could therefore decide to follow all my boards or just the boards that appeal to them.  You tend to find that most users have boards covering a wide variety of interests and not all these interests will be of interest to you, so I’m generally quite selective in the boards which I follow.

Use Pinterest to find new websites of interest,
or to promote your own website or blog.
I usually tend to follow boards of a similar theme to my own, so in similar fashion to other social network sites every time I log in, my Pinterest home page shows me the most recent images that have been pinned onto the boards I am following.  If I see any photos I particularly like, I can ‘repin’ them onto my own boards, ‘like’ them or leave a comment.

The whole concept behind Pinterest is a really cool idea and as I follow a lot of humour related boards, I often find myself logging in for a quick five minutes and then ending up spending half an hour scanning through amusing photos and other various images of interest.

Each pinned image also includes a link back to the webpage where it was originally pinned from so it’s a good way to discover new websites worth checking out.  Alternatively, you can also use it as a way to promote your own website or blog.  For example, my boards include a Worthy Of A Bigger Audience board where I’ve pinned the images from this blog:

From friends I’ve spoken to, most people in the UK seem yet to have discovered Pinterest, but in the US it has quickly grown to become the third ranked social network website after facebook and twitter in terms of total visits, and its growth shows no signs of slowing.

All in all it’s different enough from other social networks to merit a look, so if you want to give it a try the address is simply:

…and if you’re looking for some interesting boards to follow to start you off then I can recommend this dude:

Find more cool websites at the following link:

Follow Worthy Of A Bigger Audience on twitter:

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