Saturday, 3 November 2012

Radio: Too School For Cool

‘Bringing you all the very best music from the best decade.’ …DJ Steve Watson

DJ Steve Watson ... the King of the 80s!
Most of the album reviews and music features on this blog focus on relatively recent music from the last few years, so to ensure I’m not leaving out any fans of older music I thought it was time to redress the balance and turn the spotlight over to a radio show which features music from an era with no doubt many nostalgic memories for a lot of people … the 80s!

The radio show in question is Too School For Cool which to quote DJ Steve Watson ‘brings you all the very best music from the best decade’ and has become a key feature of the Stroud FM line-up.

The music charts nowadays don’t seem to be quite as big a deal as they were in decades gone by, but back when the tunes featured on Too School For Cool were first released, I can remember tuning in excitedly every Sunday evening to Radio 1 to find out the latest chart rankings.  The DJs of the time would happily rattle off a dazzling array of stats such as climbers and fallers, number of new entries, weeks on the chart, etc. as they informed us of the latest week’s charts.  Too School For Cool DJ Steve Watson is more than a match for the DJs of that era and recreates the ‘80s feel’ perfectly by providing an array of background information on the tunes he plays, such as highest chart position in various countries around the world, weeks on the chart and other little snippets of related information.

You can tell by the enthusiasm that comes across when Steve presents the show that he clearly loves his job and loves the 80s, and therefore it’s no surprise that since it began Too School For Cool has quickly become a popular show with the local Stroud listeners looking for a musical trip down memory lane.  And now thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the internet, the show is also beginning to gain a following with fans of 80s music from around the world.

Sodastream (UK)
"Pour yourself a SodaStream..."
Put simply, fans of 80s music who like their DJs with a large serving of zest and personality, should give Too School For Cool a listen.  To quote DJ Steve Watson once again, “Go on ... Pour yourself a SodaStream, Choose Life, Relax and join the House of Fun for the very best of the 80s.”

You can tune in every Saturday between 1:00pm and 3:00pm via the Stroud FM website, and to sum things up, if you're a fan of eighties music looking for a show which perfectly captures the vibe of your favourite decade, then Too School For Cool is the show for you.

DJ Steve Watson has set up a Too School For Cool group on facebook so if you’d like to stay up-to-date with the latest Too School For Cool news and engage in nostalgic banter regarding the 80s then this is the link:

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Update:  Unfortunately, Stroud FM is no longer broadcasting, so Too School For Cool is currently no more.  However, if Too School For Cool ever finds a new home and relaunches at some future date then I'll be sure to update this post.

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