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iPod App: Super Stickman Golf

Super Stickman Golf: A golf game with its own personality...

Super Stickman Golf features weird and wacky power-ups.
There have been literally hundreds of golf games over the years and yet with Super Stickman Golf developers NoodleCake have still succeeded in producing a golf game with its own personality and a game which features enough original twists to make this worth a look in the overcrowded golf game genre.

Things start off looking fairly typical with Super Stickman Golf featuring a side on 2D view of each hole and following the basic formula of many golf games with the familiar power meter and angle control for each shot.  However, this is where the similarity with golf simulations ends as the creators behind Super Stickman Golf have gone for a more fun arcadey style of game rather than an accurate recreation of the game of golf.  The design of each hole is far removed from a traditional golf course so it would probably be more accurate to describe this as a 2D side-on golf game loosely in the spirit of crazy golf.

Super Stickman Golf.  Not your typical conventional golf game.
Like many iPod games, Super Stickman Golf also features achievements which add to the challenge of the game by providing tasks to complete.  However, as well as simply recording your progress, completing an achievement will also in some cases unlock additional power-ups.  For example, completing a course under par unlocks the ‘Sticky Ball’ power-up which sticks to the scenery.  Completing two courses under par then unlocks the ‘Ice Ball’ power-up which allows you to freeze water hazards and comes in very useful on some of the more challenging holes.

Once a power-up is unlocked that doesn’t, however, bring you unlimited access to this power-up.  At the start of each course you get to choose a set number of power-ups to help you on the course so you have to choose your power-ups wisely based on the nature of the course you face.  Things are pretty straight forward when you first begin the game as your choice is limited to the ‘Mulligan’ power-up which allows you to retake a wayward shot, but as you progress and more power-ups become unlocked there then becomes more of a strategy element to the game as you have to assess the number of each power-up to choose in order to provide the optimum selection for each course.

Later holes provide several routes to the hole.
The courses in Super Stickman Golf feature a nice balance of challenging holes with some being fairly straight forward and others presenting quite a task to make the par.  Later holes also include multiple routes from the tee to the hole so you have the option to go for the shorter but generally more challenging path, or to play it safe and opt for the longer but slightly less risky route.

To sum things up, with Super Stickman Golf the emphasis is on light-hearted fun gameplay rather than realism.  The basic concept is fairly simple and therefore easy to pick up and play, but the developers have then added enough twists to give the game enough variety and playability to keep you interested.

Super Stickman Golf comes with 29 courses (totaling 261 holes) for the bargain price of 69p and is available from the iTunes App Store:

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