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iPod Apps: Amazing Breaker by Dekovir Entertainment

Amazing Breaker for iPod: Slick graphics and atmospheric sound effects add to the overall enjoyment of the playing experience.

Amazing Breaker by Dekovir Entertainment.
Like many of the most successful iPod games, Amazing Breaker by Dekovir Entertainment takes a simple idea and implements it extremely well.  Each level sees you having to destroy a beautifully rendered ice sculpture with only a limited number of bombs to launch from your catapult.  Destroy over ninety percent and you progress to the next level, with the exact destruction percentage also determining how many gold stars you are awarded.  To earn a perfect three gold stars you have to destroy the entire ice sculpture, which on some of the later levels can be quite a challenge.

That’s the basic premise behind Amazing Breaker but there are of course extra features which give the game added depth.  Firstly, your bombs come in many various forms, from the most basic red coloured spike bomb which simply explodes when it makes contact with an ice sculpture, to the more versatile green coloured split bomb which splits into three separate explosive mines if you touch the screen while the bomb is in flight.  Keep these mines within close enough range of each other and they stay linked together and therefore detonating one of the bombs will trigger a chain reaction detonating all of the linked mines.  A similar bomb is the purple coloured helicopter bomb which allows you to place three separate mines with more precision and which again if kept within range of each other can link up for an explosive chain reaction.

As mentioned it’s a fairly simple concept but that’s what gives Amazing Breaker an instant appeal, while at the same time the difficulty curve as the levels progress has been judged to perfection and the challenge in getting three gold stars on some of the later levels adds to the addictiveness.

Amazing Breaker: Link up the split bombs to create chain reactions.
Other features also add to the playability and lasting appeal of the game, such as the chance to add to your arsenal of bombs by detonating power-ups which occasionally appear on the game board throughout the level.  These appear at specific points and after a predetermined number of bomb launches, so repeating a level arms you with the required knowledge to improve your performance on subsequent attempts, giving the game added replay value.  There’s also the challenge of destroying each ice sculpture using as few bombs as possible, as any unused bombs at the end of each level earn you an additional points reward.

As well as the excellent combination of arcade skill and strategic planning elements, Amazing Breaker also features impressive presentation with slick graphics and atmospheric sound effects adding to the overall enjoyment of the playing experience.

All in all Amazing Breaker is a game which is ideally suited to the touch screen nature of the iPod / iPhone and a game which has that ‘just one more go’ feel about it which often keeps you playing far longer than you originally planned.  The demo version comes with sixteen levels or if you want to splash out on the full version you get 120 levels for the bargain price of 69p!  Highly recommended.

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