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Music: The Wild Hunt by The Tallest Man On Earth

More people need to know about this album.

The Wild Hunt by The Tallest Man On Earth ... deserves to
reach an audience just as big as Bob Dylan's.
The Wild Hunt by The Tallest Man On Earth (stage name of Kristian Matsson) is an absolutely beautiful collection of feel-good songs which every time you listen to it will remind you how powerful music can be and how strongly it can touch your emotions.

Kristian Matsson’s chosen performing name of The Tallest Man On Earth should already be a clue to this, but his musical inspiration obviously owes more than a great deal to Bob Dylan (The Tallest Man On Earth being the name of a Bob Dylan song).  Both his vocals and his guitar playing style are clearly heavily influenced by presumably one of Kristian’s musical heroes and although this might be a controversial thing to say, in my opinion The Tallest Man On Earth and specifically The Wild Hunt deserves to reach an audience just as big as Dylan’s.  I realise that’s quite a big statement to make, but I seriously can’t understand how The Tallest Man On Earth isn’t much bigger than he is.

The consistent strength throughout the album suggests that every song on this album will be a favourite to someone, but it seems to be King Of Spain that perhaps gets the most mentions by The Tallest Man On Earth fans, and if you were a record executive looking for the song with the most instant commercial appeal as a single you would have to say that King Of Spain would maybe be the most suited choice.  My own personal favourite tracks on the album, however, are some of the quieter slower songs towards the end such as Love Is All and Thousand Ways.  To be fair though, it’s hard to single out any song for special praise, with the more upbeat tracks such as title track The Wild Hunt and You’re Going Back also being brilliant tunes which add to and compliment the overall quality of the album.

The songs are stripped back to the bare minimum of acoustic guitar and vocals and therefore have to rely on the strength of the songs rather than any clever production values.  Fortunately with The Wild Hunt that’s an excellent strategy as it allows the beautiful simplicity of The Tallest Man On Earth’s song-writing talent to shine through.  In fact if you were to add in extra layers and fill out the sound with a backing band it would be a bit like the musical equivalent of putting go-faster stripes on a Ferrari.  Just like Bob Dylan’s work, these are songs which don’t need fancy special effects and are at their strongest and most powerful when at their stripped back basic minimum.

The Wild Hunt is an ideal album to relax and chill out to and the type of album that leaves you feeling happy and helps you to forget the stresses of everyday life.  It also seems to create a ‘promotional enthusiasm’ with its listeners as it fills you with an urge to tell other people just how good it is.  In fact even if you’re not usually the type of person to act as a ‘salesman’ with an album that you like, you may find that The Wild Hunt changes that attitude and has you praising its brilliance to everyone you know.  It’s that type of album.  The songs are just so good that they leave you thinking, ‘More people need to know about this album.’

To sum it up in one sentence, any fans of the acoustic guitar may well already own this album but if they don’t then they should rectify that oversight as a matter of urgency.

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