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Music: Proof Of Youth by The Go! Team

Proof Of Youth: Infectiously groovaphonic!

Proof Of Youth by The Go! Team ... infectiously groovaphonic!
I’m the type of person who usually needs to listen to an album at least five times before I can tell if I’m going to like it or not, so it was quite uncharacteristic when I heard a brief snippet of The Wrath Of Marcie on TV one morning and instantly loved it.  It’s the perfect early morning song to grab you by the scruff of the neck and fill you full of enthusiasm for the day.

The rest of The Go! Team's Proof Of Youth album is similar in style and has an early seventies hippie vibe to it, but repackaged for a modern audience.  I don’t know if the following analogy only rings true in my head, but if you took the music from Sesame Street and crossed it with Fatboy Slim then I imagine that you would end up with an album somewhat like this.  Doing It Right, Fake ID and I Never Needed It So Much Right Now in particular fit this analogy of sounding like they’ve been swiped from Sesame Street and given the Fatboy Slim remix treatment.

To put it another way, the album as a whole is filled with songs that have an energetic uplifting feel to them.  In fact I would go as far as to say that Proof Of Youth has such an energetically motivating vibe to it, that even the most robustly unrhythmic and determinedly non-dancey person would find it impossible to sit entirely still while listening to this album, such is its infectiously groovaphonic nature. Lowest Prices, Live Chat, Great Service

The already mentioned The Wrath Of Marcie and Doing It Right would have to be included on my list of favourite tracks, but Keys To The City and My World, which has a lovely soothing feel to it, would also be strong contenders for that list.  In truth though, if you like one track then it’s a safe bet that you’ll like them all as the whole album has The Go! Team’s unique personality stamped all over it and a very coherent overall sound.

Similarly, whoever chose the running order got it absolutely spot on, with Grip Like A Vice making a perfect attention-grabbing opener and Patricia’s Moving Picture providing the perfect note to end on.

Overall if you want something to wake you up and put a spring in your step then Proof Of Youth by The Go! team is the album for you.

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