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Music: Singing From The Grave by Anna Von Hausswolff

Brilliant And Beautiful

Singing From The Grave by Anna Von Hausswolff
At the time of writing Singing From The Grave is currently ranked at number 305,298 in the Amazon UK music sales chart.  I can absolutely guarantee that there are not 305,297 albums out there which are better than Singing From The Grave, so I’m on fairly safe ground when I state that Anna Von Hauswollf’s debut album is without doubt thoroughly worthy of a bigger audience.

I should point out straight away, however, that Singing From The Grave won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.  The album has a classical sound to it, so by no means is it a typically commercial album and it may therefore appeal to perhaps an older listening audience.

In fact in truth this isn’t the sort of album I would usually listen to which in a strange way makes the fact that I love this album so much even more of a compliment.  It’s like if you imagine someone who doesn’t usually like thriller novels but they then discover a thriller which they thoroughly enjoy, in that case you can safely assume that it must have been an especially brilliant thriller to overcome the reader’s usual dislike of thrillers.  It’s a similar story with this album and me.  I do appreciate the piano, but I’m not usually into classical music, so the fact that I went through a stage of listening to this album on repeat only confirms just how brilliant and how beautiful a collection of songs it is.

My personal favourite tracks are Track Of Time, Above All and Old Beauty/Du Kan Nu Dö (meaning ‘you can now die’) which as well as being brilliant pieces of music are also very powerful on an emotional level.  Above All in particular would make the perfect choice for the soundtrack to a particularly emotional scene in a movie.  In fact that’s true of the whole album to some degree.

It’s hard to know who exactly to compare Anna Von Hausswolff to as I have to admit I don’t have a large reservoir of classical musical knowledge to draw upon, but to my unknowledgeable ear I can see similarities between Anna and Kate Bush, although admittedly Anna’s music doesn’t have the quirkiness of some of Kate’s songs.  I can’t see Anna ever quite achieving the commercial success enjoyed by Kate Bush, however, because as I say this won’t be an album that appeals uniformly to all tastes, but I’m nevertheless pretty sure that there’s a significant collection of music listeners out there who would definitely love Anna Von Hausswolff’s music if only they knew it existed.

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