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iPod App: Tiny Tower by Nimblebit Games

Tiny Tower: Simple But Addictive Fun

Your Tiny Tower 'bitizens' going
about their daily business.
The basic idea behind Tiny Tower is a very simple concept - build a tower, earn money, build extra floors - and in truth there's not that much more to it, but it's still nevertheless a very well implemented and a very addictive game.  It’s the simplicity which makes Tiny Tower very easy to jump into, but then in order to keep you interested Nimbit have also added various features which give the game lasting appeal.

The currency used in the game is TowerBux and these can be earned by various methods such as fully stocking a floor, fulfilling a request to find a specific resident or ‘bitizen’ as they are known, or completing one of the weekly missions.  The missions involve collecting specific items with a connected theme.  For example the ‘A Baby Is Born!’ mission involves collecting 2,700 family portraits from the Photo Studio and 270 toy blocks from the Toy Store.

Once you have accumulated enough Towerbux you can then spend them on practical uses, such as upgrading your floors so they can hold more stock, or on more frivolous goals such as buying fun outfits for your bitizens, for example chicken, robot or caveman costumes among many others.

Each floor can be stocked with three items (for example the Barber Shop features Shave, Haircut and Perm) which are then sold to earn coins.  Once you earn enough coins you can then purchase another floor which in turn means you can earn even more coins towards your ultimate goal of growing your tower as tall as possible.

Keep an eye on your
Tower's statistics.
It all sounds like fairly basic stuff, and it is – this is a goal chasing game rather than a game of skill – but it all combines together well to make Tiny Tower a fun and addictive game.

Useful tip:
One feature of the game involves the chance to earn extra Towerbux by finding a specific bitizen when requested.  When you’re just starting off and your tower has only a few floors this is a fairly straight forward task, but as your tower grows and your floors become ever more numerous it can become quite time consuming to locate a specific bitizen.

A useful tip therefore is to colour co-ordinate the outfit of your bitizens to the floor on which they work.  For example if a bitizen works on one of the ‘food’ categories of floors (which are all coloured green), then use the ‘dress up’ feature to give your bitizen a green outfit.  This way you’ll be able to instantly narrow your search to the food floors (or the residential floors) and won’t have to waste time searching through all five categories of floors.

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