Monday, 21 May 2012

Books: A Bus Could Run You Over by Colin Butts

Or In My Case ‘A Coconut Could Land On Your Head’

A Bus Could Run You Over by Colin Butts
I was actually relaxing on the beach reading this book when a coconut came crashing down from the tree above me and smacked into the sand, landing close to my head.  The near miss from the coconut really underlined the message of the story and there was one paragraph in particular which left a strong impression on me to make the most of life.

It was a message I listened to, as for the last eight years since that fateful near miss with the coconut, I've lived by that philosophy and gone backpacking for five or six months every winter to see more of the the world.  Life's too short to waste time doing things you don't want to do, and although perhaps reading  'A Bus Could Run You Over' wasn't the only factor which helped me arrive at that realisation, it nevertheless played its part in nudging me in that direction.

Anyway, aside from leaving a positive impression on me this is a book which I would definitely highly recommend.  Most people will probably be more familiar with Colin Butts' first two books ‘Is Harry On The Boat?’ and ‘Is Harry Still On The Boat?’ (on account of the TV series shown on Sky) and while they were also funny books, this is my clear favourite.  It feels as if by this stage Colin has expanded on his ability to write very funny stories and added the ability to also create writing which can be very memorable and powerful.

I hope I haven’t put any ‘Harry’ fans off with that last comment, because this is still similar in style to the previous books and instantly recognisable as by the same author.  But the climax to this book also had depth which perhaps readers of the first two books might not have expected.

To sum things up, if you enjoy humorous books and are currently considering big decisions in your life then read this book and it will give you the confidence and determination to chase the goals you really want out of life, not to mention a few laughs along the way.

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