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Books: The Walking Man by Wright Forbucks

"The Walking Man is a unique book which deserves to be discovered by a much bigger audience."

The Walking Man by Wright Forbucks
The Walking Man tells the story of Francis 'Buddy' Morris, a selfish yet strangely likeable character who suffers from Myasthenia Gravis, an autoimmune disease which causes paralysis after muscle use, and right from the start it quickly becomes clear that this is a book which isn't afraid to pull any punches.  Likewise, author Wright Forbucks isn't a writer who will sugar coat his stories.

I was hooked right from the very start, and a combination of the unique story and the memorable characters meant that within a few chapters I was thoroughly engrossed.  It's the type of book where you say to yourself, 'I'll just read one more chapter,' and then two hours later you realise that 'one more chapter' has quickly become an extended reading session.

If you were a cynical person then you might possibly argue that certain elements of the plot are unrealistic, but as Wright Forbucks himself points out, the truth is often stranger than fiction.  Real life can also be incredibly unrealistic sometimes, and despite the non-conventional nature of the plot, the blurb describes The Walking Man as 'loosely based on a true story'.

As Wright Forbucks reveals on his website, the main character, Francis 'Buddy' Morris is based on an amalgamation of himself and his uncle, and at times takes inspiration from his own story.  Although not an exact replica of his own life, the origins of the idea perhaps explain why I found it impossible not to connect with the trials and challenges faced by the main character.

Of course there's also a portion of fiction thrown into the final story, but whatever its specific origins The Walking Man is ultimately an inspiring story, and like all of Wright Forbucks novels, it's also a creative and original one.

Overall, The Walking Man is an excellent example of how brilliant indie books can be.  Wright Forbucks has created characters who you can at times dislike and at other times sympathise with and even admire.  On occasion I found myself laughing out loud and then thinking, 'I shouldn't really be laughing at this,' because the humour can be a bit dark, but the way it's handled means that it never really crosses the line into feeling uncomfortable.

At times highly funny and at other times heart-breakingly sad, The Walking Man is a unique book which deserves to be discovered and read by a much bigger audience.  If you enjoy tales which involve overcoming adversity and succeeding against the odds, and stories which feature flawed characters, rather than the perfect heroes of Hollywood, then give The Walking Man a try.  Highly recommended.

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