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Trustpilot: Building trust between consumers and companies.

If you're buying goods or items on the internet, standards of customer service can vary from one website to another, so it's wise to base your purchase decision on more than just the cheapest price.

For example, I once booked a holiday only to find that when I clicked the final purchase button, the confirmation page had suddenly added an extra £80 onto the advertised price!  To make matters worse when I rang up to complain about being overcharged they then agreed as 'a gesture of goodwill' to refund me half of the overcharged amount!
Trustpilot: Making your shopping experience more transparent.

So let me get this straight...  You've incorrectly overcharged me by £80, but as a gesture of goodwill you'll keep half of the money!?  I don't think so!

Luckily, I had kept screen prints of every stage of the purchase, so when I threatened to take things further they eventually agreed to return the full overcharged amount which they had incorrectly taken from me.

However, the whole experience left me a little wary of making blind purchases on the internet, and I could have avoided the whole stressful experience if I'd only done a little research before booking my holiday.  Since that day I always like to research websites and companies before deciding to part with my cash, and the first website I always refer to when checking out websites/companies, not just for holidays but for everything, is trustpilot.

Trustpilot have loads of helpful authentic reviews and in the case of some better known companies there are thousands of reviews (such as Amazon, or Agoda), but even some smaller companies have hundreds of reviews, so you can be confident that you're getting a cross section of opinion.

You can search for a specific company, or if you're looking for a recommended supplier of a specific product then you can also search by category.  There are categories covering pretty much everything, such as electronics, entertainment, travel & holidays, etc, and clicking on a category brings up the top twenty rated companies in that category, together with the trustscore, number of reviews and a brief quote from a recent review.

On several occasions trustpilot have helped me discover some excellent companies that I otherwise wouldn't have known about, and on each occasion I've received excellent customer service.  Being able to refer to recent reviews gives you that extra assurance that your shopping experience is going to be a professional and reliable one, and helps you to find a trustworthy company to shop with.

And even if you're considering purchasing from a more well known company, it can still be wise to consult trustpilot.  Established companies can occasionally become complacent from time to time, so a quick check of the latest trustpilot reviews can reveal their current standards of customer service, and help you decide whether they're worthy of your cash.

Similarly, if you've made a purchase from an exceptional company and want to recommend them to other consumers, or if you have constructive criticism about a poor customer service experience, then trustpilot is a great website to leave a review. 

The trustpilot website states:

"We at Trustpilot are working hard to make sure that consumers are informed about the companies they buy from.  Are they doing a good job?  Does their customer service stand out?  Do they deliver on their promises?"

...and that's exactly why I find trustpilot so useful and thoroughly recommend trustpilot to other consumers.

In summary, if you want to consult reliable trustworthy reviews before making a purchase then trustpilot should be your first port of call. 

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