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Music: Six Beautiful Tunes Worth Checking Out

Some of my favorite beautiful tunes...


From time to time on Worthy Of A Bigger Audience I collect together six tunes of a similar category, such as cover versions or remixes, and today it’s the turn of songs which in my opinion are totally beautiful tunes. 

Moments Of Pleasure from Kate Bush's The Red Shoes album.
1) Moments Of Pleasure
by Kate Bush
This is quite a big statement to make, but Moments Of Pleasure is one of my all time favourite tunes and in my opinion deserves to be recognised alongside some of Kate’s more well known classics such as Wuthering Heights or Running Up That Hill.  It maybe doesn’t have quite the widespread commercial appeal as those two tracks but the maturity and the power of this tune is immense.  As well as a hauntingly beautiful piano track, it also features some very personal lyrics from Kate which fit the music perfectly.
Find it on Kate’s The Red Shoes album.

2) Heart Full Of Wine by Angus And Julia Stone
Angus And Julia Stone have got so many beautiful tracks which would have been ideal for this list but in the end I could only choose one and decided to go for the brilliant Heart Full Of Wine.  This is such a lovely tune and I find it impossible to listen to without a smile forming on my face.  If ever you’ve had a stressful day then this is the ideal tune to play to help you tune out from the stresses of the world and relax and rethink your priorities again.
Find it on their Heart Full Of Wine EP and also on Angus And Julia Stone's excellent Memories Of An Old Friend compilation album. Lowest Prices, Live Chat, Great Service

3) Colorblind by Natalie Walker
This is a track which features a piano riff which sort of repeats on itself and compliments Natalie Walker’s voice perfectly as it gets inside your head and gets you asking questions.  My only criticism is that it ends a little abruptly for my liking and I always find myself wishing the song could have lasted for longer.
Find it on Natalie's Urban Angel album.
Saeglopur by Sigur Ros.
4) Saeglopur by Sigur Ros
If any up and coming movie directors are looking for a band to produce the soundtrack to their latest movie, then I would very strongly recommend Sigur Ros.  In my opinion pretty much all of their songs would be ideal for any movie and they would be especially fitting for particularly emotional scenes.  Saeglopur is one tune in particular which illustrates perfectly just how exceptional Sigur Ros are at doing emotional music.  It’s more dramatic than some of the other more reflectively beautiful tunes on this list, but it nevertheless captures exactly why Sigur Ros are such a brilliant band and why they have to be a guaranteed absolute must have inclusion on any list of beautiful tunes. 
Find it on their superb Takk album.

5) Green Grass Of Tunnel by Mum
Any fans of Sigur Ros would also be well advised to check out Mum who are another Icelandic band with a similarly beautiful sound to Sigur Ros, and if you’re looking for a tune to introduce you to their music then Green Grass Of Tunnel is an excellent place to start.  It’s another beautiful tune but it also has an air of mystery about it, and I can imagine Green Grass Of Tunnel playing at the end of a clever sci-fi movie where the big twist has just been revealed and everything makes sense as you suddenly realise, ‘A-ha! Of course!’
Find it on Mum’s Finally We Are No-One album.

Little Brother can be found on The Tallest Man On Earth's
There's No Leaving Now album.
6) Little Brother by The Tallest Man On Earth
I have to admit I absolutely love The Tallest Man On Earth’s music, but when I first heard his latest album, There’s No Leaving Now, I was initially slightly underwhelmed by it.  As it turned out, this was due to my overly high expectations as a result of the brilliance of his previous album The Wild Hunt, but anyway after a few more listens I realised that There’s No Leaving Now is in fact another excellent album.  Little Brother is one of the stand out tracks and is another brilliant tune on this list which is absolutely filled with emotion and perfectly showcases The Tallest Man On Earth’s amazing song-writing and performing talents.
Find it in The Tallest Man On Earth’s There’s No Leaving Now album.

Just to recap, these six beautiful tunes can be found on the following albums:
The Red Shoes by Kate Bush
Heart Full Of Wine EP by Angus And Julia Stone
Urban Angel by Natalie Walker
Takk by Sigur Ros
Finally We Are No-One by Mum
There's No Leaving Now by The Tallest Man On Earth

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