Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Funny Webcomics Worth Checking Out

Surreal humour from comic strips found on the web...

There are lots of amusing webcomics out there with large followings of fans, but in my opinion many of these webcomics deserve an even bigger audience.  This month I've therefore featured below a few comic strips from some favourite webcomics of mine...

1) Unearthed Comics

This first comic strip is from the Unearthed Comics website created by Sara Zimmerman (with her husband Rob providing support), and it features quite a literal joke...

The comic strips on cover a range of topics with popular themes including science comics, parenting humor, business jokes, relationship comics, environmental humor, technology cartoons, and health humor.  Some of my favourites are the comics set in space featuring a talking Earth known as Marilyn Earth.

2) Cutting Edge Cartoon

This next comic strip is from the Cutting Edge Cartoon blog, and is based on the experience of meeting a friend's girlfriend for the first time.  Once again, it features just the sort of weird surrealness that perfectly appeals to my sense of humour...

The 'meeting a friend's girlfriend' comic strip displays better on the Cutting Edge Cartoon blog where you can view it in its original full size:
Cutting Edge Cartoon: Meeting A Friend's Girlfriend

The comic strips on the Cutting Edge Cartoon cover a range of topics, and they all feature the same sort of weird amusing daftness which brings a smile to my face.

3) Small Blue Yonder

Next up is a comic strip from the SmallBlueYonder website by Crispin Wood and this time I've picked out an amusing visual joke...

You can find more cool comic strips by Crispin Wood at his SmallBlueYonder website.

To round things off, here are a few links to some more of my favourite web comic strips covering themes such as funerals, apple trees, Waldo, and a particular favourite ... Lego Batman:
1111 Comics: Apple Tree
Cyanide & Happiness: Great Party
Webdonuts: Waldo's New Job
The Awkward Yeti: Gnat Funeral
Pictures In Boxes: Lego Batman

You can follow the featured webcomics on facebook, twitter and pinterest:
Small Blue Yonder
Unearthed Comics

@EdHallx (Cutting Edge Cartoon)

Cutting Edge Cartoon

Worthy Of A Bigger Audience is also on twitter:

Please note, all comic strips used in this blog post remain the copyright of the respective publishers and are used with kind permission and/or in accordance with the terms of use on the relevant blogs/websites.

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