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Music: 6 Cool Tunes By Australian Artists

Six of my favourite songs by Australian musicians

In my youth I don't remember being aware of that many Australian bands and musicians who were big in the UK.  However, I'm guessing there were actually loads of great Australian musicians and the problem was just that their talent hadn't gained the worldwide recognition it deserved.

Whatever the reason, the internet now means that great bands and artists from all over the world can be enjoyed all over the world, and Australia seems to be producing more than its fair share of great music at the moment, so to highlight some of the best, here are six of my favourite tunes by Australian artists.

1) Cypher - Liar

Liar by Cypher
An absolutely brilliant track to start things off.   Liar opens with simple piano and vocals, then gradually builds up as more layers kick in, and it's a tune that for a brief spell I listened to on repeat.  The first time I heard it I sort of casually had it on in the background, but it turned out that Liar was so excellent that I had to stop what I was doing and give the song my full attention to fully take in and absorb every moment of its brilliance.

Cypher recorded Liar on Garageband on her iPad and if the marketing executives at Apple had any sense they would launch a promotional campaign around this song to showcase the excellent standard of music you can potentially produce with GarageBand.

Listen to it and download it for free from the Triple J Unearthed website:
Cypher - Liar

Like Cypher on facebook:

2) Angus And Julia Stone - Bella

Bella can be found on the album
'A Book Like This' by Angus And Julia Stone
Anyone who likes folk music is probably already a big fan of Angus And Julia Stone, but if you're not already a fan then give this tune a listen and you soon will be.  Listening to Bella always fills me with optimism and leaves me with a calm inner happiness, and for such a peaceful tune it's an extremely powerful track.

In truth Angus And Julia Stone have got so many beautiful chilled out tunes that I could have basically picked any one of their songs for inclusion on this list, but Bella (from the album 'A Book Like This') was the first of their songs which I really got hooked on, so it always has a special significance for me.

Follow Angus And Julia Stone on facebook and twitter:
Facebook:  AngusAndJulia
Twitter:  @AngusJuliaStone

3) Dustin Tebbutt - The Breach

The Breach by Dustin Tebbutt
The Breach is a quietly powerful song which grabs your attention right from the very start.  The gentle relaxing guitar rhythm instantly draws you in, and yet when the vocals arrive the song goes up another level and gets even better.  On first listen it has a reassuring familiarity to it, and yet at the same time it feels fresh and exciting.  The Breach is an absolutely brilliant track to chill out to and one which any fan of the acoustic guitar will almost certainly love.

Download The Breach for free from the Triple J Unearthed website:
The Breach by Dustin Tebbutt

Check out Dustin Tebbutt's website:

Follow Dustin Tebbutt on facebook and twitter:
Facebook:  DustinTebbuttMusic
Twitter:  @DustinTebbutt

4) Pigeon - Oh Hebe

The first time I heard this track I thought, 'Yeah, pretty cool,' but within a few listens I had upgraded that to 'pretty awesome' as Oh Hebe just gets better and better with every listen.  It's a great dance anthem but it's equally perfect to listen to on your iPod while relaxing on the beach, and I can also imagine it being a tune perfectly suited for summer festivals.  Future releases from Pigeon have been just as catchy and for selfish reasons I'd love them to become as big as they deserve to be, purely to increase the chances of them deciding to tour the UK.

Listen to Oh Hebe and download it from the Triple J Unearthed site for free:
Pigeon - Oh Hebe

Pigeon have got loads of other quality tunes which you can find on their YouTube channel:
Pigeon on YouTube

Or check out their official website:

5) Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Vapour

Vancouver Sleep Clinic
If you're based in Vancouver and looking for a clinic to help you with sleep problems then I'm afraid you'll be disappointed to discover that Vancouver Sleep Clinic are neither based in Vancouver nor a sleep clinic.  However, if what you're looking for is a beautiful breathtaking song then Vapour by Vancouver Sleep Clinic fits the bill perfectly.  The vocals and acoustic nature of the track are reminiscent of Bon Iver, and this is yet another example of the brilliant music currently being produced in Australia.

Listen to Vapour and download it from the Triple J Unearthed site for free:
Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Vapour

Listen to Vancouver Sleep Clinic on Soundcloud
Vancouver Sleep Clinic on Soundcloud

6) Oh! Hark! - Lisa Mitchell

Lisa Mitchell in her Oh! Hark! video
One of my all time favourite tracks to round things off.  Lisa Mitchell has got so many superb tunes which I love but I would rank Oh! Hark! as her most instantly catchy tune and her best song to introduce a potential new fan to.

At one time this was one of the most played tracks on my iPod out of a playlist of thousands and it has a brilliantly infectious happy feel to it that fills you with energy.  Whenever I listen to this, no matter what I'm doing it always makes me want to get up and start dancing about, and it seriously disappoints me that Oh! Hark! didn't go massive on a worldwide scale when it was first released.

Here's the official Oh! Hark! video on YouTube:
Oh! Hark! (Official Video)

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