Friday, 1 November 2013

Animated Short: Spacebound

"Everyone but the most hard-hearted of viewers will enjoy Spacebound."

Spacebound is a touching animated short movie which tells the story of an astronaut and his cute space dog who are stranded in space with their oxygen supplies running dangerously low.  The movie reveals how the dude and his dog spend their last few minutes and in a way Spacebound is basically an animated version of the saying, "Stop and smell the flowers."

You can watch it below...

Spacebound is the creation of Ellen Su (3D artist/illustrator) and Kyle Moy (character animator) and it's a wonderful movie which I guess will especially appeal to dog lovers, although in truth pretty much everyone but the most hard-hearted of viewers will thoroughly enjoy it.

The whole thing only lasts for less than three minutes, and given the scenario, i.e. that the astronaut and his dog are trapped in space and running out of oxygen, the story is surprisingly filled with numerous uplifting moments of warmth and friendship between the two.  Without giving the story away too much, it's basically a story about appreciating life while you can, and any career motivated people whose number one priority in life is getting that promotion and a big house and flashy car, would be well advised to watch this movie.

For such a short movie there's a lot of emotion squeezed into those three minutes, especially when the story is told purely via visuals and features no dialogue.  The little touches and attention to detail are also impressive.  For example, you can't help but be moved by the innocent expression of the dog towards the end as he's totally unaware of the predicament they face.

The story for Spacebound is a simple idea, but this is one of those occasions where pretty much every aspect of the whole movie is brilliantly done.  The accompanying soundtrack also deserves a mention as it fits perfectly with the story and expertly captures the mood to enhance the connection with the most emotional moments.

Spacebound is definitely a movie which leaves a positive lasting impression, and anyone with a pet dog of their own may well be inspired to go out and enjoy a few games of fetch with their own dog after watching it.

Overall, on the basis of Spacebound you have to suspect that both Kyle Moy and Ellen Su will soon be going onto bigger projects, and I for one will definitely be keen to see what animated gems they produce in future.

You can find out more about Spacebound at the official blog:
Spacebound The Movie

If you like the soundtrack by Johan Ericsson Degerlund you can buy it on bandcamp:
Purchase the soundtrack to Spacebound

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